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We read one book per month, and meet at the end of each month.  Feel free to look around, all the information is on this website.  Don’t let the website fool you, we are a very small, modest sized book club.

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June 2017, Good Omens…

Month:  JUNE |  Date: 6/25/17


Not In Attendance


May 2017, The Princess Bride

Month:  MAY |  Date: 5/21/17
Genre:  COMEDY

Attendance: Court (HOSTESS) 100%,  Stephanie- 100%,  Linda 100%,  Christina H – 1/3,  Anna – 100%,  Misbah – 100%,  Christine F – 100%,  Michele- 100 %

Not In Attendance:  Jonetta – 100%


The Princess Bride was our choice to dispel the gloom of the previous two books and it succeeded quite well for most of us. The book is described as a “modern fantasy classic that is a simple, exceptional story about quests – for riches, revenge, power, and, of course, true love – that’s thrilling and timeless.” (Amazon’s description).

Part of our discussion included the author’s “abridged” method of the retelling  of “Morgenstern’s” original “Classic Tale of True Love and High Adventure” where Goldman told “the good parts”.  There was a VERY long forward that only a few read…and the entire book was laced with italic comments from the author. Very entertaining!

Anna shared that it was her favorite movie, but thought the book was just ok. She didn’t anticipate so it lacked the excitement she enjoyed from the movie.

Christina H has never seen the movie and did not like it. At all.

Everyone else really liked it. (I loved it…so many laugh out loud moments throughout).

We had a lively discussion with reviews favorite parts and how most of us read it with accents and lol greatness. Christina H is going to watch the movie since we all have and it seemed to provide a foundation (I think she’s intrigued by our sharing, laughter and fun discussion…

The discussion then rabbit trailed to movies…Michele shared Brad Pitt’s bathing habits (doesn’t bathe and smells like a homeless person)…she dreamed about him and she was always bathing him. We were all hysterical!

Great meeting with lots of laughter. The book certainly did its job in providing humor and lightness to offset the last two dark/sad books. 😃

July Book

For July…Translated book suggestions: “The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend”, and “The hundred year old man who climbed out of the window and disappeared “.

Club Business

Amanda hasn’t attended or responded (after numerous attempts to contact) since December so she was sadly dropped. 😔 We currently have 9 voting members.

June Book & Host

Next meeting June 25th at Linda’s. Reading “Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch “, by Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaimen.

Happy Reading everyone !!! 😃

Posted on behalf of Stephanie.

Apr 2017, The Underground Railroad

Month:  APRIL |  Date: 4/23/17
Genre:  GOODREADS CHOICE WINNERS -2nd Month due to Tie

Hostess Stephanie at Johnny Garlic’s

Attendance: Stephanie 100%; Linda 100%, Anna 100%, Michele 100%, Court 100%

Not In Attendance: Jonetta 66%, Christina H 100%, Misbah 100%, Christine F 50%

April 23, 2017 Book Club Meeting Notes

Good online discussion also.

Another Goodreads Choice Award, Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award, the #1 New York Times bestseller and Oprah’s Book Club … Wow!  Cora, a slave on a plantation in Georgia is living hell on earth as a slave. Her mama was a slave and that’s all Cora knows. This book chronicles her “escape” for freedom via the Underground Railroad.

Everyone had positive reviews and thought it was well written and a worthy read. Court thought the story was slow moving (I agree).  There were many characters and it took a while to sort them all out. It did time warp a bit and at times was confusing to follow.

We had considerable discussion about the Railroad….the term is true to the period, but the Railroad was not real in history. The author depicted it as a real Underground Railroad…complete with tunnels, secret entrances that jeopardized those sympathizes…a wild, dirty ride…full of fear and the unknown…chased by a ruthless slave catcher.

The picture of a slave’s like was portrayed so horribly that many of us wondered “really?…”.  We did all agree that it may have been a correct picture from the slaves point of view. I think we just didn’t want to believe “owners” could be so cruel.

Overall…everyone liked it, but were all ready for a lighter topic.

May Book

The Princess Bride by William Goldman for May!

June /July Books

For June we’ll read the second book in the Comedy Poll Tie – Good Omens by Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman

We discussed genres for July…and decided to look for translated foreign books (no to Miso Soup). We also talked about reading author spotlight this summer.

May Meeting

Next meeting is May 21, 2017  Court will host

Happy reading light and cheerful this month!

Mar 2017, The North Water

Month:  MARCH |  Date: 3/26/17
Genre:  Goodreads Choice Winners

Attendance:  Linda(hostess) 100%; , Jonetta. 92%; , Anna 100%; Michele 100%; Christine Fritzen 100%

Not In Attendance: Christina H read 17%, Stephanie 100% (I think)

Online discussion with Stephanie, Linda, Christina H, Anna and Misbah.

Book Club Meeting Minutes

Book Discussion


Goodreads Choice Award and one of The New York Times Book Reviews 10th best book of the year, National bestseller. …We all wondered why.

The story is about a whaling ship in the 19th century with a drunk, stinking, brutal antagonist…Henry Drax and a first time whaler ex-army surgeon with a destroyed reputation, Patrick Sumner and an ill-fated voyage.

Consensus was the book was very dark and disturbing.  Descriptive, blood -soaked, cold, violent and cruel.  Specifically, the whale slaughter and description was very graphic. All agreed Drax,  was most surely a sociopath.  Some connected with Sumner…however all in all there were no characters to really like. Otto was ok. But for the most part they were all miserable horrible human beings.  With no redeeming qualities. Anna’s Goodreads review summed it up quite nicely.

In spite of the negative thought about the book, nearly everyone thought it was excellent writing. The author certainly “painted the picture”.

April Book

The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead.

May Book

The group unanimously requested a comedy or humor read for May. Something light, easy, happy ending…ideas shared.

April Host

Stephanie will host April Meeting on 4/23 or 4/30… her schedule pending. Most attendees could make either date.

New Members

Welcome Christine Fritzen And Michele Narramore!  Happy to have you both!!

Feb 2017, I Am Number Four

Bako Book Nerds Meeting Notes:
February 26, 2017 3-5 PM “I Am Number Four”, by Pittacus Lore

Hostess:  Christina’s house

Members Present: Stephanie 100%, Linda 100%, Christina 100%, Anna 100%, Court 100%, Misbah 100%

Not Present: Jonetta 2/3 to ¾ complete



In general most members (4 of 6) liked the book.  All agreed with Taja’s online overview as a YA romance story for teen boys…Lol.  We all liked the characters (except maybe Sarah…whose character was not well developed…or we thought she was kinda unbelievable…cheerleader who chose to stop cheerleading and start being good ?)  Sam was everyone’s favorite character.  And Henri grew on you.  We pondered John and Henri’s relationship and liked the growth that we saw during their stay in Paradise.  Lots of discussion about Bernie Kosar…the chimaera.  We all wondered how John didn’t notice his amazing talents (caught up with John when he was running very fast…always being there when needed…etc.) or notice he was actually his beloved stuffed animal and the gecko in Florida.  It was pretty clear to the reader that Bernie was also an alien.  We all enjoyed the perspective from the alien’s point of view.  While most found positive things about the book and enjoyed the read we did feel the author could have done more with such a good story line.  We spent quite a bit of time discussing the annoying little inconsistencies in the book.  Like – Bernie Kosar’s sudden appearance and acceptance, the absence of Sarah and Sam’s parents (or any parental involvement at all), the unbelievable sections (fire and all the battles/war zone with no human law enforcement presence).  But, overall, a fun read.

Christina also noticed the book mentioned Pittacus Lore (the author of the book) was the most powerful of all the Lorien Elders!  Interesting how he added himself right into the story.  

Poll Winner:

In spite of our online reminder to vote to break a tie, we did get more votes, but still ended up with a tie between “The North Water” and “The Underground Railroad”.  So we conducted a live vote of the 6 members in attendance…and tied again!!  A flip of the coin crowned “The North Water” by Ian McGuire, as the winner for our March book!!

Next Month’s Genre:

Since we had to break the tie for March with a coin toss…we unanimously decided to read “The Underground Railroad”, by Colson Whitehead, for our April book.

Next Month’s Meeting Date/Hostess:

March 26, 2017 3-5 PM Linda’s House


New members…? :

Michele N.(joined in December) had RSVP she would attend but NC/NS (no call / no show).  This is the 3rd month she indicated she would attend but has not..??  Stephanie or Linda will follow-up.

Amy F. – joined in December (has not attended any meetings) – messaged Linda that she works every Sunday and would not be able to attend.  Resigned from club?

Jan 2017, Eye of the Storm

Bako Book Nerds Meeting Notes:
January 29, 2017 3-5 PM “Eye of the Storm” by Frank Cavallo

Hostess:  Anna’s house

Members Present: % Read

Stephanie 78%

Linda 100%

Anna 80 +%

Court 100%

Misbah 50%

Christina (not present) 100%
Welcome new members:  Court Riblett and Misbah Ahmed!!  So happy to have you both join us!


Most members present thought the book was “ok”…not great.  Felt like the characters lacked depth.  No one really liked any of the characters as they were not well developed.  It was mentioned that part way through the book it was a bit boring and easy to get lost with where it was going or where you were in the book.  Possibly due to the many components present:  Dinosaurs, wizards, aliens, time travel/dimension travel, dragons, fireworks (wizardry)…etc.  Just all a bit too much and muddied the story.  Consensus that the time gaps were distracting – for example when the ship crash landed in the alternate dimension…the story explained entering the “storm” and then we were on the surface of who knew where…with only 2 survivors and 2 years had spanned!!  What the heck!  And…the two survivors did not seem to have connected with one another nor was there any tragedy or loss of their team members who died in the crash or were later killed by the dinosaurs or aliens or ????.  The general consensus was the characters were not very likeable.  The conclusion was exciting with the battle, wizard stuff, and pestilence…interesting…but meh overall.  Just too much going on.

Next Month’s Genre:

Group decided 2016 Goodread’s Choice Award books/Best Sellers List

Next Month’s Meeting Date/Hostess:

February 26, 2016 3-5 PM Christina or Stephanie – TBA


Michele and Amy (joined in December) had RSVP they would attend but NC/NS (no call / no show).

Change of Leadership

Some big changes are happening to the leadership of the club.  The two founders, Celeste and myself, have both independently, coincidentally, decided to take an indefinite leave from the club.

We have both lost major concentration due to different life reasons. Mine brought on by my pregnancy, which have coupled with my waning interest in reading new books that didn’t specifically come from my to-read lists.

We have nominated the two most senior members, who are both at most every meeting, and read almost every single book.  Stephanie & Linda have both agreed to take on the responsibility together.  Stephanie has been with the club since October 2013 is already a club admin.  Linda has been a member since October 2014.  They will resume all admin responsibilities going forward, and including our next meeting on January 29th.

Celeste and I are very sorry to go.  And we both hope to return once we get ourselves back in order.  For us both, this is indefinitely, as neither of us knows how long this might take.

If you have any future questions regarding the bookclub, club decisions, issues, etc. you can speak to either Stephanie or Linda who have been debriefed in all club structure & business.

So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past. –F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby (1925)

-Taja AKA Tajanator, co-founder, Bako Book Nerds Book Club. Circa 2013

Dec 2016 Meeting, & Holiday Book Swap

Month:  DECEMBER |  Date: 12/18/16

Attendance: Taja (host), Celeste, Linda, Jonetta, & Christina

Not In Attendance: Stephanie, Anna, Amanda, & two new members Amy, & Michele

Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

Everyone agreed that this book was particularly entertaining.  We all enjoyed the two faced love interest and the spin that it put on the story (even if it was somewhat unsurprising).  The idea of the story was original and fun and it made the book much easier to read and enjoy.  It was very hard to avoid spoilers for those who hadn’t finished it… so as hard as we tried, eventually stopped trying lol.

3rd Annual Holiday Book Swap

The holiday book swap is always a fun time of the year.  This year the following books were gifted:

February Book

Our February book poll consists of the books swapped & listed above.  The poll is available here.

January Host

Anna has volunteered to host January.
The event info is available here.

Nov 2016 Meeting, And Then There Were None

Month:  NOVEMBER |  Date: 11/20/16

Attendance:  Linda (host), Anna, & Taja

Not In Attendance: Celeste, Stephanie, Jonetta, Christina, Amanda, & Amy (new)

Book Discussion

And Then There Were None And Then There Were None by Agatha Christieby Agatha Christie

Continue reading Nov 2016 Meeting, And Then There Were None

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