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You’ve found the official website for the Bako Book Nerds Bookclub in Bakersfield, CA.

Welcome to our official website.  All of our club’s rules & information is on here but if you have any questions not answered here, you can contact me directly and I will try to help you. ☺

To begin, our newest posts are on the home page.  For detailed information about our club see the navbar links at the top.  This information is not really included in the Goodreads page; they don’t really have a place for details and stuff so this website was created as a place to keep all of that stuff organized and easily accessible to members.  But if you really wanna join, you should also view our goodreads group page: Goodreads Bako Book Nerds Group Page.

New Members, Start Here!

– Taja (Tajanator) Admin / Co-Founder