Oct 2016 Meeting, The Woman in Black

Month: October | Date: 10/23/16
Theme: Horror Novels/Hauntings

In Attendance Jonetta (host), Celeste, Linda, and Christina

Not In Attendance Taja, Amanda, Stephanie, and Anna

Book Discussion

The Woman in BlackThe Woman in Black by Susan Hill

This turned out to be a relatively liked read. It was fairly predictable and everyone at the meeting agreed that it was not scary, but it was still enjoyable. In terms of it’s audience level, someone mentioned it was something they would consider to be a next step up from Goosebumps. Taja (who chimed in via text as everyone probably saw) really liked the way the story seemed to move more into Arthur’s head and out of the real world as the book progressed. The ending seemed to leave a general dissatisfaction. If felt very tossed in for dramatic effect. Linda said it made her feel like there was more story to be told after. There was a general disjointedness about it in that so much time and space was left between when Arthur left Eel Marsh House and when the Woman in Black haunted him in London. It seemed almost random. Jo’s theory, which we all seemed to agree to, was that the person that actually sees the Woman in Black is the parent of the child that dies and because Arthur had no children during the his time at Eel March House, she waited until he did have one to come back in to his life. Seems as good an explanation as any others we could come up with. Overall, worth the one-time read.

November’s Poll Winner

(reading begins today, 10/23/16)

This month we are reading And Then There Were NoneAnd Then There Were None by Agatha Christie.

December Genre

For December, we are going to read a book with the words RED or GREEN in the title. We’re also opening up the option of other hues, such as scarlet or emerald. To add to the bookshelf to be considered for the poll, here is the bookshelf.

Again, this being a holiday month we aren’t going to choose a long book. It will be something that should be easier to get through during the holiday month.

Also, don’t forget December is moved to the 18th to avoid the holiday weekend.

November Host

Linda is hosting November. We have volunteers lined up through January, already! Remember, it is moved up due to the holiday so the book club meeting will be on Nov. 20th.


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