Jan 2017, Eye of the Storm

Bako Book Nerds Meeting Notes:
January 29, 2017 3-5 PM “Eye of the Storm” by Frank Cavallo

Hostess:  Anna’s house

Members Present: % Read

Stephanie 78%

Linda 100%

Anna 80 +%

Court 100%

Misbah 50%

Christina (not present) 100%
Welcome new members:  Court Riblett and Misbah Ahmed!!  So happy to have you both join us!


Most members present thought the book was “ok”…not great.  Felt like the characters lacked depth.  No one really liked any of the characters as they were not well developed.  It was mentioned that part way through the book it was a bit boring and easy to get lost with where it was going or where you were in the book.  Possibly due to the many components present:  Dinosaurs, wizards, aliens, time travel/dimension travel, dragons, fireworks (wizardry)…etc.  Just all a bit too much and muddied the story.  Consensus that the time gaps were distracting – for example when the ship crash landed in the alternate dimension…the story explained entering the “storm” and then we were on the surface of who knew where…with only 2 survivors and 2 years had spanned!!  What the heck!  And…the two survivors did not seem to have connected with one another nor was there any tragedy or loss of their team members who died in the crash or were later killed by the dinosaurs or aliens or ????.  The general consensus was the characters were not very likeable.  The conclusion was exciting with the battle, wizard stuff, and pestilence…interesting…but meh overall.  Just too much going on.

Next Month’s Genre:

Group decided 2016 Goodread’s Choice Award books/Best Sellers List

Next Month’s Meeting Date/Hostess:

February 26, 2016 3-5 PM Christina or Stephanie – TBA


Michele and Amy (joined in December) had RSVP they would attend but NC/NS (no call / no show).

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