Feb 2017, I Am Number Four

Bako Book Nerds Meeting Notes:
February 26, 2017 3-5 PM “I Am Number Four”, by Pittacus Lore

Hostess:  Christina’s house

Members Present: Stephanie 100%, Linda 100%, Christina 100%, Anna 100%, Court 100%, Misbah 100%

Not Present: Jonetta 2/3 to ¾ complete



In general most members (4 of 6) liked the book.  All agreed with Taja’s online overview as a YA romance story for teen boys…Lol.  We all liked the characters (except maybe Sarah…whose character was not well developed…or we thought she was kinda unbelievable…cheerleader who chose to stop cheerleading and start being good ?)  Sam was everyone’s favorite character.  And Henri grew on you.  We pondered John and Henri’s relationship and liked the growth that we saw during their stay in Paradise.  Lots of discussion about Bernie Kosar…the chimaera.  We all wondered how John didn’t notice his amazing talents (caught up with John when he was running very fast…always being there when needed…etc.) or notice he was actually his beloved stuffed animal and the gecko in Florida.  It was pretty clear to the reader that Bernie was also an alien.  We all enjoyed the perspective from the alien’s point of view.  While most found positive things about the book and enjoyed the read we did feel the author could have done more with such a good story line.  We spent quite a bit of time discussing the annoying little inconsistencies in the book.  Like – Bernie Kosar’s sudden appearance and acceptance, the absence of Sarah and Sam’s parents (or any parental involvement at all), the unbelievable sections (fire and all the battles/war zone with no human law enforcement presence).  But, overall, a fun read.

Christina also noticed the book mentioned Pittacus Lore (the author of the book) was the most powerful of all the Lorien Elders!  Interesting how he added himself right into the story.  

Poll Winner:

In spite of our online reminder to vote to break a tie, we did get more votes, but still ended up with a tie between “The North Water” and “The Underground Railroad”.  So we conducted a live vote of the 6 members in attendance…and tied again!!  A flip of the coin crowned “The North Water” by Ian McGuire, as the winner for our March book!!

Next Month’s Genre:

Since we had to break the tie for March with a coin toss…we unanimously decided to read “The Underground Railroad”, by Colson Whitehead, for our April book.

Next Month’s Meeting Date/Hostess:

March 26, 2017 3-5 PM Linda’s House


New members…? :

Michele N.(joined in December) had RSVP she would attend but NC/NS (no call / no show).  This is the 3rd month she indicated she would attend but has not..??  Stephanie or Linda will follow-up.

Amy F. – joined in December (has not attended any meetings) – messaged Linda that she works every Sunday and would not be able to attend.  Resigned from club?

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