Apr 2017, The Underground Railroad

Month:  APRIL |  Date: 4/23/17
Genre:  GOODREADS CHOICE WINNERS -2nd Month due to Tie

Hostess Stephanie at Johnny Garlic’s

Attendance: Stephanie 100%; Linda 100%, Anna 100%, Michele 100%, Court 100%

Not In Attendance: Jonetta 66%, Christina H 100%, Misbah 100%, Christine F 50%

April 23, 2017 Book Club Meeting Notes

Good online discussion also.

Another Goodreads Choice Award, Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award, the #1 New York Times bestseller and Oprah’s Book Club … Wow!  Cora, a slave on a plantation in Georgia is living hell on earth as a slave. Her mama was a slave and that’s all Cora knows. This book chronicles her “escape” for freedom via the Underground Railroad.

Everyone had positive reviews and thought it was well written and a worthy read. Court thought the story was slow moving (I agree).  There were many characters and it took a while to sort them all out. It did time warp a bit and at times was confusing to follow.

We had considerable discussion about the Railroad….the term is true to the period, but the Railroad was not real in history. The author depicted it as a real Underground Railroad…complete with tunnels, secret entrances that jeopardized those sympathizes…a wild, dirty ride…full of fear and the unknown…chased by a ruthless slave catcher.

The picture of a slave’s like was portrayed so horribly that many of us wondered “really?…”.  We did all agree that it may have been a correct picture from the slaves point of view. I think we just didn’t want to believe “owners” could be so cruel.

Overall…everyone liked it, but were all ready for a lighter topic.

May Book

The Princess Bride by William Goldman for May!

June /July Books

For June we’ll read the second book in the Comedy Poll Tie – Good Omens by Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman

We discussed genres for July…and decided to look for translated foreign books (no to Miso Soup). We also talked about reading author spotlight this summer.

May Meeting

Next meeting is May 21, 2017  Court will host

Happy reading light and cheerful this month!

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