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Who can become a member?

Our member count is currently limited to 15 active members. If a member becomes less active or cannot attend for an extended period, this can be opened to another member, if voted so.  Our member count has yet to reach over 11 members so we are always looking for new members.

We have limited the club to women only due to a member-majority-vote and to keep the discussions intimately gal-pal-friendly.

Our club is for adults only since meetings will usually be accompanied by alcohol or adult female conversation. Club preference for age is set at 21 & older.

Participation is what makes it Fun!

We need members who participate. If you continuously don’t show up to meetings, never comment on the Goodreads club page via forums, etc., and aren’t reading the books, then book club becomes less fun for the members who are.  We ran into this little problem around our 1 year anniversary.  To avoid this happening again, we have set important participation guidelines.  These are not just guidelines we set as the administrators of the club.  These were discussed in detail by the whole group (at the time) and voted on.

Please review all participation rules on our Participation page for details.

Bulletins & Memos

Bulletins will be posted on here on the home page of our website.  All posts are searchable & are listed by month in archive lists in the sidebar. Any new information, changes, updates, etc. will be posted there.

Each meeting will be followed up by a Meeting Recap which will be posted to the home page, and will no longer be posted in the Goodreads forums. We also usually broadcast the recap to each club member via Goodreads Message. If you miss a meeting, it is no big deal as most of the information can be viewed there.

Goodreads is our HQ

Please know that if you are new to Goodreads and have questions, you can find almost everything to do with our page on our webpage “Goodreads Help”.  You can also always me (Taja) directly for most answers.

We use the discussion forums of our Goodreads club page for any topic which requires discussion.

Any book error that you happen upon can be fixed; just post the error in our Goodreads discussion forum under Goodreads Error and it will be corrected.

If you are interested in challenging yourself, Goodreads offers an annual Reading Challenge and each time you mark a book as “read” they will keep track for you and update you on your progress on your profile home page.

Any miscellaneous questions can be answered by myself (Taja) or by Celeste who is also a club page administrator.


New Member, Start Here!

We have a trial period for new members which allows time to get used to the new monthly routines, and get settled in before we require full member participation. In this we mean we are not obligating you until you decide that we are a good fit for you. You have this time to try us out and come to meetings, read with us, and decide if you want to make a commitment to the club or not.

Many of the members who drop tend to do so after their first couple meetings, if they decide to, so this trial period lasts for the first 3 months. If at the end of the 3 months you are regretting your decision to join our bookclub, then you are not obligated to continue. You can quit or just stop coming – no questions asked.

If at the end of the 3 months you are enjoying yourself, and like being in our bookclub, then we do require a certain amount of participation.

New-Member Restrictions

As a probationary member, you are just getting settled in.  The normal routine of monthly meetings, book polls, & online participation is usually not fully explored for a few months.  For this reason, we don’t require full participation from any new member until they have been a member for 3 months.  We don’t allow new members to host yet, or invite other potential new members to the meetings until after they’ve stuck around for 3 months.  After those 3 months, this restriction ceases.

New to Goodreads?

Please Update your Profile.  It is a good idea to update your Goodreads profile as thoroughly as possible. Add any books that you can remember reading to your “read” shelf. This helps me when deciding what books to read, and lets us know what books everyone has already read.

Have questions about how to use Goodreads? Many how-to’s can be found on this site in the Goodreads Help page.  If you cannot understand the step-by-step instructions on any of the Goodreads stuff, I (Taja) am also a Goodreads Librarian and can answer any of your questions directly.


We aren’t big on rules but we have had to put together a shortlist of things that, if pressed, would be considered “rules” of the club.


We don’t have crazy participation rules, we just want everyone to read and talk about the books – which is what its all about!  Failure to participate in any way -in essence falling off the planet- for three consecutive months is basically passively quitting.

Be Considerate

We are all different religions and backgrounds so we require tolerance and understanding.  A social women’s club can get out of hand quick without rules to avoid conversation about politics and religion. So, we try to avoid those topics.

No Drama

If you and another member just don’t mesh for some reason, and its making you less likely to want to come each month, TELL US!  We don’t want to get involved, but the moment that any personal issue affects your participation, then we would like to resolve the issue rather than let it eat at you.  If the result is that one member goes and the other stays, that could actually be better for all.  Every situation is different but we don’t want a member to force another out without at least trying to resolve it first.

What else do you need to know?

It is a good idea to view a rundown of our Monthly task schedule.  This will tell you when we vote, when to RSVP, etc.

Check out the information listed on Meetings to see how our meetings are structured, what to bring, etc.

Make sure you familiarize yourself with our Participation guidelines so that you know what is required once you’ve become a full member.

We require you to go online some and use our Goodreads page for RSVPs, Voting, etc.  so it is a good idea to setup your notifications on Goodreads so that you know when we ask you to do something, or we post a new topic, etc.  All questions can be answered on the Goodreads Help page.  I can personally answer questions that you have as well.

Please also subscribe to our website if you have not yet done so (I can  send you a subscribe invitation if you cannot find the subscribe button on the website).  This will also notify you of new posts, memos, bulletins as well as changes that you may need to keep up on.

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Women's Book Club in Bakersfield, CA | Established Sept.2013

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