Leave of Absence

If you know you can’t meet your obligation fire to family stuff, job stuff, home stuff, medical stuff, etc. then just let us know! You can take a Leave of absence without deciding to just quit the club, and remain obligation free until your return.

This privilege is available to any full member (3 or more months participation).

To do this, simply notify an active administrator, currently Celeste or Taja (me), and let one of us know how long you plan to be away. The cap for LOA is 3 months.  This is just so we can continue with our normal routines fairly soon.  If you need more than 3 months, we ask that you simply bow out temporarily until your situation is less busy, and then you can just simply re-join afterward.  The only difference is that you would have to also rejoin the goodreads group page once you are ready to come back. We’ve never reached our member cap so I doubt there would be a time when we would say to a past-member that they can’t come back due to too many current members.  In fact, I am certain that an exception would be made to allow it anyway.  We love when members come back! 🙂

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