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Bako Book Nerds book club was founded by two long-term friends who hadn’t been socializing much and needed some peer pressure.  My friend Celeste and I have known eachother & been friends since 1993.  We have remained friends for so many years due to our slightly less than normal interests in videogames, 90s heart-throbs, gothic books, and sci-fi fantasy fiction.  I had always wanted to join a book club and suggested it as a way to force us to socialize at least once per month.  She agreed.  We both got some people to come join us to try this out back in September 2013. Neither of us thought it would last this long, but it has, and has been much more enjoyable than we originally thought possible.

Our club reads one book per month and meets at the end of each month. We read primarily fiction novels  and tend to cling with the fantasy genres , since that is the base-line of our club, but we do try to bend our comfort zone.

Hosting is rotated each month to volunteering members.

Our club consists of ladies from a range of ages, religious beliefs, and professional fields. We don’t care your age, if you have kids, what your political or religious beliefs are, or your marriage status. Members must be 21 or older, since we typically serve wine at each meeting. We avoid religious & political books in order to keep it fun.

We are mainly a social club but we do have minimum participation guidelines to keep everyone involved.

For new members, we offer probational trial attendance, meaning that you can try us on for size before making the decision to become a member.

We are always accepting new members; we have a max-member-limit, but in the few years since we began we have yet to get close to hitting our max.

Our main HQ is on Goodreads so members need to create profiles & ‘join’ the club page to fully participate in our monthly decisions and discussions. This website is used more for informational & referential purposes.

Founders / Admin:  Taja (Tajanator) & Celeste (Viesczy33)

Women's Book Club in Bakersfield, CA | Established Sept.2013

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