Admin’s Meeting Notes

Below is a list of things to do during and after book club meetings – for admins.

What Info to get at each Meeting, What to get done after each Meeting, What info go get during the Meeting, Info to gather for Participation, What to do after each meeting / at the end of the month, and Things to do on the website, Goodreads Page, & Google Calendar.

  • Take Attendance
  • Get everyone’s Reading Progress
  • Get genre ideas for next book poll
  • Ask for a volunteer to host the next meeting

Write this stuff down.  You will also need to write a recap of the meeting, or at least provide notes for one of the admins if you are sitting in as secretary for a meeting where an admin is not present.

Tajanator’s note-sheet template:


Roll Call Members % Read RSVP GR Discussion GR Poll GR Review GR Rating GR %
This Month’s Book… Title / Author

–> discussion Notes <–

Genre Ideas for next month…

Have everyone pitch in ideas for the next genre

Poll Winner…

Announce this month’s poll winner / Next month’s book

Next Host…

If anyone wants to volunteer, take note for the next Event


New Members
Meeting Date Changes
Rule Changes, etc.


After the meeting:

To Do on our Website:To Do on GoodreadsTo Do on Google Calendar

On Our Website:

  • Create a Meeting Recap post which should include:
    • 1. Month, 2. Meeting Date, 3. Genre, 4. Book title
    • Meeting Attendance
    • Recap
    • Next Month’s Poll Winner (reading begins date of last meeting)
    • Next Genre after this month will be …
      Bookshelf available for adding…
      Poll will be up for voting…
    • Next Host will be….
    • New probationary members who attended…
      Mention any members who may have quit this month
    • Anything else of Note that happened or was said, changes, etc.
  • Add the next meeting Event Calendar
    • “Bookclub Meeting: “Title of book for that meeting” (Hosted by “member name”)”


  • Add an Event in the BBN Group Page for the next meeting with the newest Host info.
  • Create a Poll for the next Genre (empty until bookshelf fills)
  • Add any books already mentioned in the meeting to the bookshelf.
  • Create a “shelf” in the Bookshelf for the new poll-genre.
  • Change the current book to “read” from Bookshelf
  • Add new month’s book to “Currently Reading” from Bookshelf.
  • Add new Discussion page for the next month’s book

Google Calendar:

  • Add the next meeting date to the calendar
  • “Bookclub Meeting: “Title of book for that meeting” (Hosted by “member name”)”



Downloadable Admin Information Sheet

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