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We read 1 book per month. We no longer select books longer than 700 pages. This way, all books are short enough that members should have no trouble finishing them (or at least the required 15%) within a month. Members decide on the next genre during the monthly meeting, then can participate in book suggestions within that genre.


A poll is created for members to vote on to choose the winning selection for the next month and is announced a week before reading begins.  The number of books polled depends on the number of members.  We poll a minimum of 4 books, or half the number of books as are members. Polls are up for 2 weeks so that everyone has time to vote.  There is always an option on the poll of “I don’t care”.  We prefer you choose this instead of skipping to vote as a sort of acknowledgement so we know everyone knew about the poll.

When a poll is tied:

When a poll ends up with two or more tied for first place, a runoff poll will go up until the time of the meeting. Members will all re-vote for the books that tied & the winner will be announced at the meeting.

If a runoff poll ends in another tie we decide via text which tie-tie-breaker we want:

  • Highest Rated- the top rated of the remaining tied books automatically wins,
  • Lowest Page Count- the book with the least amount of pages automatically wins,
  • Coin Toss- a coin is given to a neutral 3rd party for a coin toss which will decide the winner.
  • Alphabetical- of the tied books, the first -if sorted alphabetically- automatically wins.

We experienced more ties when we voted multiple books each month.  Now that our rules changed, we only poll half the number of books as for number of members so that it happens much less often.


We meet once per month, at the last Sunday of the month at 3pm.  Meetings typically last around 2 hours.


Monthly Breakdown:

Because it is a rolling routine, and can be confusing to get the hang of the specifics, let me try to explain.
For the purpose of the example, we begin on “January” so you can see the monthly flow.
  • In January, immediately following the End of December Bookclub Meeting, the club begins reading the book-of-the-month “January Book”.
    • A Forum Topic is created for the “January Book” for through-the-month reading discussion.
    • Members are encouraged to join discussion, and/or update their Goodreads Reading Progress for “January Book” for which other members can follow along.
  • During the first week in January, members can add books to the bookshelf within the Genre-of-the-Month which was decided upon at the December Meeting.
  • I look through the Member Suggested books for the Genre-of-the-Month, and create a Member Poll.  Weeks 2 & 3 in January, the poll is open for member voting.
  • Once the poll ends, the poll winner “February Book” is announced.  Members have the final week of January to obtain a copy of the book (or ebook) before February reading begins.
  • An Event for the January Bookclub Meeting is created with the Host’s information.  Members RSVP, telling what -if anything- they plan to bring (potluck style: appetizers, treats, & wine are the norm).
  • At the End of January Meeting we discuss the “January Book”. Then we do “Housecleaning”:
    • The book winner for the February Book is re-announced,
    • We ask for members willing to volunteer to host the End of February Meeting,
    • And the March book genre is discussed & decided upon.
  • rinse & repeat.

For the purpose of clarification, all monthly online stuff is done on our Goodreads Bookclub Page, not here on our website.


Women's Book Club in Bakersfield, CA | Established Sept.2013

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