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Member Quota Filled. WOW!

CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR BOOK CLUB!!  We have NEVER had enough members to fill our member-quota but we have finally done it!

For the first time since we began, we are currently NOT accepting new members at this time.

If you wish to join, you are ALWAYS welcome to keep in touch.  If our member count goes down, then we will open up again for new members to join.

Thank you for your interest!

Change of Leadership

Some big changes are happening to the leadership of the club.  The two founders, Celeste and myself, have both independently, coincidentally, decided to take an indefinite leave from the club.

We have both lost major concentration due to different life reasons. Mine brought on by my pregnancy, which have coupled with my waning interest in reading new books that didn’t specifically come from my to-read lists.

We have nominated the two most senior members, who are both at most every meeting, and read almost every single book.  Stephanie & Linda have both agreed to take on the responsibility together.  Stephanie has been with the club since October 2013 is already a club admin.  Linda has been a member since October 2014.  They will resume all admin responsibilities going forward, and including our next meeting on January 29th.

Celeste and I are very sorry to go.  And we both hope to return once we get ourselves back in order.  For us both, this is indefinitely, as neither of us knows how long this might take.

If you have any future questions regarding the bookclub, club decisions, issues, etc. you can speak to either Stephanie or Linda who have been debriefed in all club structure & business.

So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past. –F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby (1925)

-Taja AKA Tajanator, co-founder, Bako Book Nerds Book Club. Circa 2013

Dec 2016 Meeting, & Holiday Book Swap

Month:  DECEMBER |  Date: 12/18/16

Attendance: Taja (host), Celeste, Linda, Jonetta, & Christina

Not In Attendance: Stephanie, Anna, Amanda, & two new members Amy, & Michele

Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

Everyone agreed that this book was particularly entertaining.  We all enjoyed the two faced love interest and the spin that it put on the story (even if it was somewhat unsurprising).  The idea of the story was original and fun and it made the book much easier to read and enjoy.  It was very hard to avoid spoilers for those who hadn’t finished it… so as hard as we tried, eventually stopped trying lol.

3rd Annual Holiday Book Swap

The holiday book swap is always a fun time of the year.  This year the following books were gifted:

February Book

Our February book poll consists of the books swapped & listed above.  The poll is available here.

January Host

Anna has volunteered to host January.
The event info is available here.

Nov 2016 Meeting, And Then There Were None

Month:  NOVEMBER |  Date: 11/20/16

Attendance:  Linda (host), Anna, & Taja

Not In Attendance: Celeste, Stephanie, Jonetta, Christina, Amanda, & Amy (new)

Book Discussion

And Then There Were None And Then There Were None by Agatha Christieby Agatha Christie

Continue reading Nov 2016 Meeting, And Then There Were None

Borrow Library Books from Your Kindle

Amazon has step-by-step instructions on how to borrow ebooks from your local library directly to your kindle:

Amazon: Borrow Books from  a Local Library  icon-book 

Check Out a Public Library Book

To check out a public library book for Kindle: Continue reading Borrow Library Books from Your Kindle

eBook deals across the web – BookBub helps you find them!

I just discovered a new website called BookBub.  They hunt deals within Amazon, Nook, etc. to find out which books have had their prices cut and notify you if your fave author or genre has a book price slashed.  Really rad and totally worth checking out!

I just signed up so I can see how it works.  More info on their website and below: Continue reading eBook deals across the web – BookBub helps you find them!

Free eBook loans

In case any of you read ebooks and tire of purchasing every single ebook that you read, there are other options.

Kindle’s Lending Library

Firstly, if you have a Kindle you can access ebooks through Prime (if you don’t already have Prime Membership, then it isn’t worth trying their “Kindle Unlimited” in my opinion.) If you already have a prime membership, then you  have access to their “Kindle Owner’s Lending Library” which offers the same titles as “Kindle Unlimited” but doesn’t come with a monthly fee.  (((Anyone confused?  I can walk you through the differences, if you want the details)))

Library Lends eBooks!

Another cool solution is the Library!  (who knew!?)

The Kern County library offers ebook solutions.

For access to the Kern County Library via ebook, download one of the following apps from your phone’s appstore:
3M Cloud Library
Open Library

These apps are all available for both android & iphone as well as a few others. The ebooks are usable with ereaders once downloaded.

For more info, see the Kern County Library website:

B&N getting rid of Nook?

This is only rumor as far as I can tell… but its all over the place that Nook might be going away or just separating from Barnes & Noble.  Not sure if its true or not, but I thought I’d let you all know that its being talked about… in case any of you use Nook for your ebooks (if you read ebooks).

What has been confirmed is that the UK version of Nook is toast. Apparently the president of the giant book chain had said they’ve been losing money on Nook for years and this is the first cut.

Apparently Amazon is opening up physical (brick & mortar) book stores and continuing to crush its competition. Barnes and Noble plans on opening up its digital content within its stores… But no confirmation on exactly what that means for Nook.

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