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Change of Leadership

Some big changes are happening to the leadership of the club.  The two founders, Celeste and myself, have both independently, coincidentally, decided to take an indefinite leave from the club.

We have both lost major concentration due to different life reasons. Mine brought on by my pregnancy, which have coupled with my waning interest in reading new books that didn’t specifically come from my to-read lists.

We have nominated the two most senior members, who are both at most every meeting, and read almost every single book.  Stephanie & Linda have both agreed to take on the responsibility together.  Stephanie has been with the club since October 2013 is already a club admin.  Linda has been a member since October 2014.  They will resume all admin responsibilities going forward, and including our next meeting on January 29th.

Celeste and I are very sorry to go.  And we both hope to return once we get ourselves back in order.  For us both, this is indefinitely, as neither of us knows how long this might take.

If you have any future questions regarding the bookclub, club decisions, issues, etc. you can speak to either Stephanie or Linda who have been debriefed in all club structure & business.

So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past. –F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby (1925)

-Taja AKA Tajanator, co-founder, Bako Book Nerds Book Club. Circa 2013

Now you can log on with your Social Media accounts.

The Log In Box, with New Social Options

I found a way to implement social logins with our website  This is handy if you don’t want to remember your password each time.

Facebook / Google

For facebook and for google +, there is only one step.  Just be sure you are already logged in to facebook or google in another browser tab, then click the “log in with social” icon below the login box on the left side of the home page.  (If you weren’t yet logged in to facebook or google, then you will be prompted to login via  a popup box).  Click “approve” or “allow” to link with your account, then – voila!

Instagram / Twitter

For instagram and twitter, the first time log in has one extra step than with the facebook or google accounts.  First, be sure you are already logged in to instagram or twitter in another browser tab, then click the “log in with social” icon below the login box on the left side of the home page. (If you weren’t yet logged in to instagram or twitter, then you will be prompted to login via a popup box). Click “approve” or “allow” to link with your account.  Next you will see a popup box asking for a valid email address.   Enter the email address which is already associated with your BakoBookNerds account to link them.  Then, voila!  You are all set!

Please note:   Continue reading Now you can log on with your Social Media accounts.

Quickstart Links

Below are the most frequently used links for our book club.

Remember you need to be logged in to Goodreads to view club links.  Also, to view member contact info, you need to be logged in to this website.

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Email Login Now Enabled

Hello ladies!

Yet another fix added to the website. If you want to log in with your email address you now can! I think since most sites automatically allow this, and since it wasn’t an option, that might have been some of the frustration in logging in. Now, you can log in with either your username, or your email address.

Remember that you can change your username by request. It is only something that an admin user can do so it doesn’t show up as an option on your edit page.

That is all for now.


WordPress Deactivated…

Just an FYI…

I have transferred our domain ( to my private host company so the website address is making a permanent change.  We began as a free wordpress hosted blog with a site url:  But since I am now hosting our website, the wordpress url no longer works.  Our website is now exclusively

But the benefits from doing this are huge.  There are many more options open to a self hosted site with wordpress interface, rather than a wordpress hosted blog.  Both use wordpress as the primary engine, which is why most of the website can stay exactly the same.  But with my own host comes more choices.  You might notice some better looking pages, and features pop up when I start really delving into our new options.

Lastly, as a self-hosted blog, and domain, I am granted unlimited email accounts as well.  Any member who wants their own email can have one.  Just let me know and I will make one for you.  🙂

Enjoy!  (Tajanator: website admin)

Welcome to

You’ve found the official website for the Bako Book Nerds Bookclub in Bakersfield, CA.

Welcome to our official website.  All of our club’s rules & information is on here but if you have any questions not answered here, you can contact me directly and I will try to help you. ☺

To begin, our newest posts are on the home page.  For detailed information about our club see the navbar links at the top.  This information is not really included in the Goodreads page; they don’t really have a place for details and stuff so this website was created as a place to keep all of that stuff organized and easily accessible to members.  But if you really wanna join, you should also view our goodreads group page: Goodreads Bako Book Nerds Group Page.

New Members, Start Here!

– Taja (Tajanator) Admin / Co-Founder