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Becoming a member of our Bako Book Club on Goodreads:

  • Create a goodreads login
  • navigate to our club page
  • click the “join” button

RSVPing to Events (Bookclub Meetings):

  • This is mandatory.
  • Go to the Bako Book Nerds home page. Click the “Events” link. Scroll down to Respond to an Invite.
  • OR- check the email associated with your account. When you get an invite click Respond in the email and it will take you to the page.

Adding formatting to the Discussion Forums

When you add comments to the discussions about books and you want to put a spoiler in, please use the spoiler tags!!

<spoiler>I can't believe she DIED? OMG!</spoiler>

To add normal formatting like bold, underlined, etc., use the codes below:

<B>bold</B>  <I>Italic</I> <U>Underlined</U> <S>Strikethrough</S>

These tips (see image) are available at the top of every comment box (when viewing the page in desktop mode, not on the app) with the link: (some html is ok).

Bako Book Nerds Bookshelf:

The Bookshelf is used each month, after a genre is selected, for members to include their choices in that month’s book poll.

Bako Book Nerds Club Navbar

a. Navigate to the “Bookshelf” link from the Bako Book Nerds Navbar.
b. On the next page you will see the Book Club’s bookshelves & booklists.
c. the top left, there is a search box. Enter the title of your book choice.
d. Click Search.
e. Once you have found the book to add, click “Add to Group”.
f. An “add book” window will pop up. Click “Choose Shelves” and change from “read” to “to read” and include the genre shelf if one exists. You can add the genre if one does not.
g. You can add text into the “Why this book” field if you want to plead your case.
h. Next, click “Save this Book” <–Important final step.

Voting on Polls:

Polls are an important part of our member participation. Although not required, it is strongly requested that all members participate in the polls to show that they care what changes are made within the club (always polled among members), what books we read, when meeting happen (if they need to be adjusted), etc.

a. Navigate to the Polls selection from the Bako Book Nerds navbar.
b. You will be taken to the main Polls page where the polls are in descending order (newest polls on top).
c. To view the page for a specific poll, click the “comments and details” link at the bottom of any given poll.
d. You’ll be taken to the poll’s page.
e. On the Poll’s page, you have the option of reading or leaving a comment.

Setup or Change Email Notification Settings for Bako Book Nerds Group:

If you are having trouble with the app, or mobile site, you can get email notifications to tell you when you need to look on the Bako Book Nerds Goodreads page for discussions, polls, events, etc.

a. Go to your profile.
b. Click “Edit profile” on the top of the page.
c. Click the “Emails” tab
d. Scroll down and add a check-mark to send you an email when someone from goodreads:
e. “Sends me a message”
f. “invites me to an event”
g. “invites me to vote on a poll”

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