Meeting Recap 7/27/14

Month: July | Date:7/27/14
Genre: Epic Fantasy
Book: A Game of Thrones
Member Shove – We (Taja, Carrie, Celeste, & Stephanie) forced this choice to get others to read this amazing series.

Meeting Recap:

In attendance: Carrie (host), Celeste, Norma, Stephanie, & Taja.

Not in attendance: Cathy, Shari, Amy, Lauren

Today we discussed the 2st half of A Game of Thrones. Well, since 4 of us have read through the first few books, and the 5th of us hadn’t read any yet, we sorta just discussed the whole book and series a little.

Celeste announced that Holly has officially left the club -for now.

We changed the date of next club meeting since Labor Day weekend is on the normal time slot. The meeting will be the week before, on 8/24th. Event details have been updated.

We discussed how the Kids Choice may not be a good idea in the future, unless changes are made. Maybe if we do it again, next time we can include questions to give the kids so they are more talkative and involved. Also maybe we should choose books more in line with their interests since Ender’s Game ended up being a little political for their attention.

Game of Thrones is an amazing book so I really hope that any of you still not into it will really give it a good try before next meeting. You have 4 weeks ladies!!! Happy reading!!! ☺

Meeting Recap 6/29/14

Month: June | Date: 6/29/14
Genre: Kid’s Choice / Children’s
Book: Ender’s Game

This month we tried out Kid’s Choice month, reading Ender’s Game.

In meeting attendance: Shari, Lauren, Stephanie and kids (Hannah and Michael), Celeste, and Amy and kid (Echo).

Not in attendance: Taja, Carrie, Cathy, Norma, and Holly.

This month was our first attempt to include outsiders in book club by inviting kids to read and attend the meeting. The kid turnout was not as high as it may have otherwise been due to the absence of a couple members that would have otherwise included their kids. The kids also seemed to feel somewhat out of place, but overall seemed like they were enjoying the book (none of them had finished reading it). Kid’s choice, though a great idea in theory, did not seem to work out as well in practice.

Of the members that finished the book (and I was the only one at the meeting that didn’t), everyone seemed to have positive feedback. There was a general consensus that the book was definitely much darker than the movie and definitely worth the read.

Carrie has volunteered to host July’s meeting. We will be reading the first half of A Game of Thrones. The chapters are outlined on the club home page and can also be found here:

Happy Reading!

Meeting Recap 6/1/14

Month: May | Date: 6/1/14
Genre: Young Adult/ Dystopian
Book: Divergent

In attendance: Stephanie (host), Celeste, Lauren (1st Meeting), & Taja.

Not in attendance: Cathy, Carrie, Amy, Shari, Norma, & Holly

Today was Lauren Webb’s first meeting. She is joining our club and will participate in Ender’s Game as her first read. Yay!

Today we discussed Divergent. Celeste & Stephanie, read thru book 3, I had read thru book 2, so we discussed the whole series.

Next month’s book winner is Ender’s Game for “Kid’s Choice”. For June, please invite your kids to join our read and bring them with you to the end of June meeting which will be hosted by Amy.

The genre selection for July is already decided, as is the book, which is A Game of Thrones byGeorge R.R. Martin. This will be read for 2 months, July & August.

On a personal note, I am due on July 3rd so I will be surprised if I can make it to the next meeting.

Until I am back on my schedule, after Bronson is born, Celeste will be the main administrator & meeting secretary. She will have no genre pix or polls to create thru July.

The end-of-July meeting should choose a genre for September & the genre-selected books should be polled in August, and announced during the end-of-August meeting.

Hope to see you all again soon. Wish me luck!!! I hope that I will have a little baby, instead of a big belly, by the next meeting. If not, I will see you then (maybe). 🙂


Meeting Recap 4/27/14

Month: April | Date: 4/27/14
Genre: Adult Vampire Book
Book: Fevre Dream

Meeting Recap:

In attendance: Celeste (host), Cathy, Carrie, Shari, Stephanie, & Taja

Not in attendance: Amy, Holly, & Norma

Today we discussed the book Fevre Dream by George R.R. Martin. Cathy, Shari, & I didn’t finish it though we agreed it was good and want to finish it. Stephanie, Celeste, & Carrie agreed it was enjoyable. Yay!

We also announced the winner of the poll for the new minimum page requirement is 15%. So, from now on, each member should be reading at least 15% of the book before quitting if you dislike the read.

The May book winner is Divergent which we will read from today until next meeting on 5/25/14.

For June, we decided that we will read a children’s book and invite the club kids to join in. Please add any books you think they will like to the bookshelf. Please tell me if they have already read any of the books listed in the bookshelf and we will avoid it for the poll. Please have your picks in my May 4th so the poll can go up. Invite your kids to join in this discussion, and to vote. If each of your kids has a different vote, write in the votes in the comment section of the poll page and I will tally them all once the poll has ended.

July & August was decided for the group by four of us, that the book will be A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin because we cannot seem to stop talking about it no matter what meeting we are at. So we have collectively decided to force it on those of you who haven’t read it yet. It is a two month book because it is just over 800 pages. I know this is different from our normal polling, but I am really excited to have everyone read it who hasn’t. These books are amazing!!! 😉

Stephanie said that Lauren will be joining us in the club so she will probably come next meeting.

We don’t yet have a host for the May meeting unless Lauren wants to do it. If not, we are accepting volunteers.

I think this is all we discussed… I am having trouble remembering if I have forgotten something………….I will add it here if I have, and later remember. lol

Meeting Recap 3/29/14

Month: March | Date: 3/29/14
Genre: New York Times Bestseller
Book: Life After Life

Not much for attendance today…
Meeting Recap:

In Attendance:
(only 3) Norma (Host), Shari, Taja

Not in Attendance:
Amy, Carrie, Cathy, Celeste, Holly, & Stephanie

Today we discussed Life After Life. Of the three of us, only Shari finished the book. Of the non-attendees Cathy, Celeste, & Carrie also didn’t finish it but Stephanie did. Not sure about Holly or Amy.

Shari said she enjoyed the book somewhat until around 75% then got really bored as she realized the repetitiveness of the story wasn’t dying down and was getting only worse. Norma got somewhere around 75% done with the book (I am guessing) and was also bored to death. I read 172 pages then quit. Of those who gave up this read, everyone agrees it was BORING. I hate New York Times critics for choosing this as a notable book in 2013.

We decided on Young Adult Dystopian for May’s book poll. I will add some stuff to our bookshelf over the next week, and you are all welcome to also do so. The poll will be up by April 6th.

We discussed the minimum requirement again and I believe we do want to switch to the % option rather than the page option. I am adding a poll for this as well which will be up by tomorrow.

We also need a bookclub host for April’s meeting. Anyone who would like to volunteer, please let me know. If we have no volunteer then I will ask those who haven’t yet, to choose amongst themselves who will host next. I believe Celeste & Holly are the only two of our original group who haven’t hosted yet.

Meeting Recap 2/23/14

Month: February | Date: 2/23/13
Genre: Epic Fantasy
Book: The Eye of the World

Meeting Recap:

Our February meeting was to discuss The Eye of the World in its entirety. Wonderful turnout this week with 8 of 9 members!

In Attendance:
Stephanie (host), Amy, Carrie, Cathy, Celeste, Norma, Shari, & Taja.

Not in Attendance: Holly

The Eye of the World was completed by all in attendance except for myself, Norma, & Cathy. I (of us 3) read to my 100pg minimum, having gotten to pg.283.

Not that this was discussed, but I would like us to really try to take the min-page requirement seriously. Should we lower the minimum page requirement to 50 pgs or maybe change it to a certain small % of the book? We really should all at least try each book, regardless if it is within a genre we are used to, or if we are busy that month. Maybe 25 pgs, 50 pgs would be more manageable? I really would like everyone’s thoughts on this. To weigh in, please see our discussion: Minimum Page Requirement – Should we change it??

Anyway, the general talk about the book was that it was generally well liked. Of the people who finished it, I gathered that all were interested in continuing the series. Some were disappointing that the book had major plot points that were revealed early on, and so not a surprise later as the climax would typically suggest.. but that its having continuing novels makes that fact OK for now. I, personally, am still going to chisel away at it until finished, although that may not be for some time, in the future, once my brain has returned to my own control.

As per usual, we got off track and discussed way more than our book topic. We proposed a suggestion to try next meeting:
We decided that to try to keep better on track, we would each pose a question, prepared before each meeting, to discuss with the group about that month’s book.

The volunteer host for our End-of-March meeting is Norma. I will update our Event page with her address shortly. Our March book, to begin reading today, is Life After Life which will be discussed during that time.

Please try to remember to answer the event page each month. If you are unsure, you can always choose “maybe” and update it later. It is often helpful to the host to know how many people to prepare for.

Our April genre selection is Horror, with chosen sub-genre: Vampires, omitting vampire books within the young-adult category. I will be accepting additions to the bookshelf for addition into the April Poll until March 8th (please add under the tags to-read & adult-vampire). The poll will be up for voting March 9th through 22nd, or until all votes are in. The April Book Selection Winner will be announced on March 23rd, unless all votes are in before then, in which case the winner will be announced immediately.

It was proposed that I hide the voting results until the end of the poll to eliminate the possibility of “Mob Mentality” so everyone votes on only their favorite choice, and not on their favorite of the books already voted on. So, this will be true for the upcoming poll (anyone with objections should speak up next meeting). As per usual, I will remain out of the vote for the beginning (since I am the one choosing the polled books) in case a tie breaker is needed toward the end.

There was another topic I wanted you all to consider. The summer months are coming, and we had posed a question during our first meeting back in October that we might consider doing a read that would involve the kids of the club-members. If we decide to go ahead with this, I propose this be during July -the mid summer month- but am taking suggestions. During this read, we would choose a younger genre, and the children would be welcomed to the meeting to discuss the book with us. It would be a good way to get kids to read during the summer months, to be involved, and it may be interesting to get a younger perspective on a book we have read. In today’s meeting, we discussed The Wonder Years, in a wildly off-topic leap, and noticed how as adults, the show is completely different. Taking this into consideration, a book with kids involved would offer that completely different perspective that, as adults, we have forgotten. Please let me know your thoughts on this. I will open discussion on this in another topic: Bring your child to book-club? Summer Months?.

Meeting Recap 1/26/14

Month: January | Date: 1/26/14
Genre: Epic Fantasy
Book: The Eye of the World

Our January 2014 Book Club Meeting was hosted by Cathy Baca at Mexicali.

In attendance: Cathy (host), Amy, Carrie, Stephanie, & Taja.
Not in attendance: Amber, Celeste, Holly, Lace, & Norma.

Today we discussed the first half of The Eye of the World. Stephanie & Carrie both deserve gold stars today ★★ for having read the entire book already!! I’ll give Stephanie another ☆ for having already gone through half of book 2 The Great Hunt. Amazing!!!

Personally…I have, sadly, had some concentration issues in the past couple months and so have severely slacked off in the reading department▬having gotten only through the first 157 pages by the meeting. But since I have been feeling much better, I plan to remedy that by catching up and finishing this book by our next meeting on 2/23/14.

Our next genre choice for our March book selection will selected from the New York Times 100 Notable books of 2013 list. This list is split 50/50 between Fiction & Poetry, & Non-fiction, so there should be around 40 books to choose from. If you have any desire to thumb through these titles, and see anything specific that catches your eye, feel free to add it to our Bookshelf and add them to the shelves titled: “2013-bestsellers” & “to-read”. I’ll be sure to add those to the poll along with the other selections. The poll should be up for voting by Sunday February 2nd, so be sure you add your bookshelf selections before then. Also, our new member, Shari, will be joining us for our next read in March.

Stephanie has volunteered to host our next meeting in February, at 3pm on the 23rd, where we will discuss The Eye of the World in its entirety.

For those who have not yet gotten into this book, please please please read to our minimum 100page mark. This book really picks up pace and lays down plot by around page 80-ish, so by then you should at least begin to see how amazing it has the potential to be.

Meeting Recap 12/29/13

Month: December | Date: 12/29/13
Genre: Holiday Comedy
Book: The Stupidest Angel: A Heartwarming Tale of Christmas Terror

Meeting Day!!

Attendance: Amy (Host), Cathy, Celeste, Holly, & Taja.
Not in Attendance: Amber, Carrie, Lace, Norma, & Stephanie.

Meeting Recap:
Of the five attendees, Amy & Celeste were the only 2 to complete this book. While they generally liked it, I had quit because of hating it so much. I got through about 80pages, just 20 shy of our 100 page minimum…

During the meeting, we also discussed 1)members, 2)possibly extending The Eye of the World (our January book) to two months, & 3)that our next book selection should be from the 2013 New York Bestsellers winners.

1)There are a couple members that have not participated yet and so we decided to open the club up to another member. Amy, has a friend that she is going to invite.

2)The January book, The Eye of the World, is around 750 – 800 pages, depending on the copy from which you are reading. Since this is Epic-Fantasy, and is probably going to be rather dense compared to our previous book-selections, the added pages may be more daunting than simpler genres so we are going to check in with everyone through the month of January to see who is/isn’t comfortable with the pace and length. If anyone feels they may not be able to finish the book by our January meeting, then we will extend this read through February.

If we extend it, our next meeting will be in the middle of the book so we need to really be careful that spoilers aren’t spilled. We will probably mark a halfway point at which to stop and discuss, before completing the other half in February.

I will still put up a poll for voting, we just wont be sure if the new book will be read in February or in March until we know if The Eye of the World will take one or two months.

Meeting Recap 12/1/13

Month: November | Date: 12/1/13
Genre: Comedy
Book: First Grave on the Right

Meeting Recap:

Our November meeting was very nice. We discussed First Grave but also many other books both read and not yet read. Carrie’s new kitten is adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!

In Attendance:
Carrie (Host), Amy, Cathy, Celeste, Stephanie, & Taja

Not in attendance:
Amber, Holly, Lace, & Norma

Besides discussing First Grave on the Right, we also decided that we would not continue this series as a group since many have already read ahead to book 2, etc. We kept slipping topic to many other books and random talk & although fun we realized that it was because there was not much to say about this book. Although we generally liked it, the book is not complicated enough of a story to really provoke any conversation.

We decided that, for January, we would remedy this with a more complicated genre (and my favorite genre): Fantasy!!!

Any of you with Fantasy books that you would like to add, click the Bookshelf link and add them by December 7th. The poll will be up by December 8th with our Fantasy books!

We decided that we would have our next meeting as scheduled, on December 29th, and Amy has volunteered to host.

Meeting Recap 10/27/13

Month: October | Date: 10/27/13
Genre: Horror for Halloween
Book: Watchers

Attendance: Norma (host), Carrie, Celeste, & Taja
Not in attendance: Amber, Amy, Cathy, Holly, Lace & Stephanie

Meeting Recap:

We had a pretty poor turn out this month. We did discuss the book, though.

It was unanimously agreed that Watchers was not easy to get thru. Dean Koontz jumps around a lot and didn’t really introduce his characters enough to allow the reading to flow. Some really enjoyed the book, some didn’t finish the read. It would have been nice to have the discussion with more of our members. Hopefully next time will be better. Out November selection will be much more fun.

Corrected: Since the last Sunday of November will be the weekend following before the Thanksgiving Holiday, it was decided (by the attendees) that we would meet next on the following Sunday, December 1, 2013. Carrie volunteered to host.

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