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July 2017, The 100-Year-Old Man…

Month:  JULY|  Date: 7/30/17
Book:  The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared by  Jonas Jonasson

Hostess:  Christina H; at her home

Present:  Stephanie 89%, Linda 36%, Anna 30 +%, Christina H 100%, Christie Cuevas 90+%, Christina F 100%, Valerie Macias 100%

We also want to Welcome Valerie to our group!!

Not Present:  Jonetta, Michele, Court, Angie.  No indication of % read.


Our June selection was a translated book as well as identified as humorous.  Three members present completed the book and genuinely liked it.  They felt like Allan was walking through life carefree, and rather envied him for his carefree, who gives a #*$! Attitude.  We discussed the ridiculous events that occurred, and although they were not laugh out loud funny, they were witty.  A couple of us questioned the necessity of the historical references to major past events and their significance.  We mostly didn’t really care about the history.  Most of us seemed to like the present day activities the best.  We did note that Allan’s only regret seemed to be what he had (historically) said to Stalin…when he recited the wrong poem to him.  Allan’s claim to fame seemed centered around his skills as a munitions/explosive expert and his love of Vodka. (Which seemed to get him in plenty of troubling situations….although he didn’t really care,  Lol.)

Our discussion then rabbit trailed away per our typical fashion.  Lol.  We discussed pregnancy and delivery stories (Thank you Taja…you are missed.)

August Book

Our poll winner for August is “The Cold, Cold Sea”, by Linda Huber. Our theme of cooler weather prevailing!!

September Book

For our September book thoughts, we will look at school related books, or changing seasons…Fall/Autumn.  Many book possibilities were discussed and offered up as potential selections.  Watch for the poll and don’t forget to vote!!

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be a no host meeting at Bakersfield Pizza Company, at 4105 Ming Ave, on August 27, 2017.

Happy cool reading this month!!


(On a personal note)…

Taja & Evie ♥

I had to quit the book club because of my pregnancy among other things.  I am PROUD to announce the birth of my daughter – Evie Jo Meadows!!!  I am still very happy to be a part of your club, even if only behind the scenes.  And I am excited to return one day once my life gets normal again.  I haven’t been able to read ONE PAGE since the end of June.  So… one day when I can read again I am SOO looking forward to my social time again.  I MISS YOU LADIES!!

(More photos on my blog if you’re interested)

-Taja AKA Tajanator


June 2017, Good Omens…

Month:  JUNE |  Date: 6/25/17

Hostess:  Linda; at her home

Present:  Linda 15%, Anna 15%, Christina H 100%, Misbah 50%, Christie Cuevas 0

Christie Cuevas – Welcome to your first meeting!!

Not Present:  Stephanie 50%, Jonetta – to Chapter 4, Michele, Court, Christina F (Did not indicate online)

Book Discussion

Some online discussion also.

Our June selection was the runner up for our humorous novel.  Since there were several Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman fans among us, we all agreed on the selection!  This end of the world, Armageddon story depicted the forces of Heaven and Hell anticipating a showdown battle to determine the fate of the world.  With a cast of angels, devils, demons, goofy nuns, witches and mixed up babies, the story sounded fun!!

Sadly, only Christina H finished the book, and most didn’t really care for our selection.  As mentioned online, it was definitely British humor and some of us just couldn’t get into the story.  (Hence the low % read).  Misbah described it as tongue in cheek humor, and did find it enjoyable.

Since only one of us at the meeting had finished it, Christina H. kindly gave us a quick synopsis.  This was a good vs evil premise, with wacky nuns who mixed up babies at birth, causing the forces to “watch” the wrong baby.  The angel and demon were to watch over the Antichrist, but due to the nuns error, watched the wrong baby growing up!  There was an anticipated Armageddon coming and the forces of evil and followers knew they would prevail.  They did not take into account the actual Antichrist was raised by good people.  Sooooo….the outcome was unexpected by the forces of evil and relieved by the forces of good.  The Antichrist stopped all of the fighting and basically told everyone to shape up!

After her synopsis, some of us thought we might try to finish it.  At least the chapter “Saturday”, as Christina advised us it was the best!!  (PS…also the longest part of the book – LoL).

July Book

Our selected book for July was revealed – “The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared”, by Jonas Jonasson!!  Our translated, foreign novel selection!

August Book

On to our next book selection for August…since the weather in Bakersfield has been hotter than Hades for the past few weeks, it was unanimously decided to mirror December selection method and chose a book based on our word choice of the moment – COLD!!  We decided to look for books with the name cold, winter, snow, etc. in the title!

Several possibilities were looked up and discussed briefly.  Watch for the poll!!

Next Meeting

Next meeting is July 30, 2017 from -5 PM at Christina H’s Home. Event details to follow.

Enjoy  🙂


May 2017, The Princess Bride

Month:  MAY |  Date: 5/21/17
Genre:  COMEDY

Attendance: Court (HOSTESS) 100%,  Stephanie- 100%,  Linda 100%,  Christina H – 1/3,  Anna – 100%,  Misbah – 100%,  Christine F – 100%,  Michele- 100 %

Not In Attendance:  Jonetta – 100%


The Princess Bride was our choice to dispel the gloom of the previous two books and it succeeded quite well for most of us. The book is described as a “modern fantasy classic that is a simple, exceptional story about quests – for riches, revenge, power, and, of course, true love – that’s thrilling and timeless.” (Amazon’s description).

Part of our discussion included the author’s “abridged” method of the retelling  of “Morgenstern’s” original “Classic Tale of True Love and High Adventure” where Goldman told “the good parts”.  There was a VERY long forward that only a few read…and the entire book was laced with italic comments from the author. Very entertaining!

Anna shared that it was her favorite movie, but thought the book was just ok. She didn’t anticipate so it lacked the excitement she enjoyed from the movie.

Christina H has never seen the movie and did not like it. At all.

Everyone else really liked it. (I loved it…so many laugh out loud moments throughout).

We had a lively discussion with reviews favorite parts and how most of us read it with accents and lol greatness. Christina H is going to watch the movie since we all have and it seemed to provide a foundation (I think she’s intrigued by our sharing, laughter and fun discussion…

The discussion then rabbit trailed to movies…Michele shared Brad Pitt’s bathing habits (doesn’t bathe and smells like a homeless person)…she dreamed about him and she was always bathing him. We were all hysterical!

Great meeting with lots of laughter. The book certainly did its job in providing humor and lightness to offset the last two dark/sad books. 😃

July Book

For July…Translated book suggestions: “The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend”, and “The hundred year old man who climbed out of the window and disappeared “.

Club Business

Amanda hasn’t attended or responded (after numerous attempts to contact) since December so she was sadly dropped. 😔 We currently have 9 voting members.

June Book & Host

Next meeting June 25th at Linda’s. Reading “Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch “, by Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaimen.

Happy Reading everyone !!! 😃

Posted on behalf of Stephanie.